Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Classroom Measurements

Chrome Book300300.0030.000318
Table Leg560560.0560.0056160
Key Board190190.0190.0019120
In Maths we measured items in the classroom.We measured the items with a ruler and a thumber ruler which we made.We had to measure the items and find out the Millimeter,Centermeter,Meter,Kilometer and thumbs.We found out that when you spread out your arms and measure from your tip of your fingers to the other side is my whole height.I also learnt that my ear is the size of horizontal line between my eyes.
LI to understand units of measurement
LI to investigate units of measurement

Friday, 18 November 2016

Blog Commenting

In LS1 we all have a blog.Today I was blog commenting on Mataio's and Ofa's work.Comments
should be positive. In case if there is a mistake you always reread the comment or also you can tell a friend
to check if it makes sense.

Explanation about airplanes

In writing we wrote a explanation about airplanes.We learnt about how it works
and what job does the 4 forces do.In a Explanation their is a Tittle,Introduction,Explanation and conclusion.L.I to learn the purpose of an explanation text.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

High Flyers

In reading we were reading the book named high flyers this story was based on planes.
we answered questions by using the 5 Ws and H we summarized the story with 25 words
LI: to infer information from the text.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Average Temp, Average Rain (mm) and Average Wind (km/ph) in Auckland

This is my Line Graph of the Measurements of the weather in Auckland
Blue is the Average Tempature,Red is the Average rain and Grey is the average wind.
We did it HandDrawed and Digitally.
LI to accurately interpret data
LI to accurately present data

Monday, 14 November 2016

Rocket Experment

In inquiry we were learning about flight our topic was rockets we hanged a fishing rod string in a string across the classroom  on the wall we got a Pink Balloon we blew in to it and taped it on the straw we let go of the Pink Balloon altogether it went 10.1 Meter's. Next was the blue balloon it was bigger and wider .I thought it
was going to be further then the pink balloon but altogether it only went 5.8 Meters. Last was the orange balloon it was widder the the other balloons but not bigger it went 10.1 Meters Pink Balloon was first Orange Ballon was 2nd and Blue Balloon was last.

First Flying Machines

L.I - to infer information using clues and prior knowledge
Today for reading my group and I had to read a text called First Flying machines. After that
I had to go on a group presentation to insert my infernces I had found from the text. In the slide I had to write the inference the clue from the text and my prior knowledge. In this session I learned how to inference. I found it a little hard to get my prior knowledge for my inferences.