Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Why it's great to be me?

It great to be me because I get to play in any sport competitions during my time at school. I'm still young and active, I am competitive sometimes even if it's not a game. Lastly it great to be me because I get to learn different things about history, culture, Maths,Reading,Writing and different types of sports. I found this easy because I had to technically describe my qualities and things about me.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Two Day Woner

Two Day Wonder

There is a clever contrast between the way the poet describes yesterday and today.  List all the words that give you a feeling of being sick, sad, depressed or bored. Silent,drooped,dragged,sulked,yawned and grumbled

Now list all the words that describe feeling well, happy, bright and active from the second verse.  Better,Swish,Clatter,Hurry,Flying,Gallops,Shine and Dances
he lines from each verse matchup also.  List five of the opposite images.  This first one is done for you.
The street stretched silent, footpaths still - Cars swish, skateboards clatter.
  1. Washing dropped on the line - Shirts, sheets, socks stream in the breeze .
  2. My bike lay on the drive - My bike waits by the garage .
  3. Clouds dragged, low and slow. - Clouds hurry, high and flying
  4. The dog sulked in his basket - The dog gallops round the house.
  5. The world yawned and grumbled -The world shine and dances.

This is called juxtaposition.  Look this word up in the dictionary and copy the definition here
the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.
"the juxtaposition of these two images"
Today for reading we read a poem and answered questions involving the poem. I found this a little bit difficult because I was confused at the start but continued on and improved my answers. Next time when I do something similar to this I need to read the poem more then once slowly and carefully.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

You've got 2 minutes

I see the rapid fire of handballs being missiled across the courts as if they were starting world war 4. Skillfully I dodge every ball zooming past my face like a ninja. I smell the strong cologne wafting through the senior playground almost like we’re all at the Oscars trying to impress each other. Sadly this is mixed with the odour  of sweat that seems to sting me every time I walk past the courts. I hear all the complaints and excuses as the handballs continue to bounce. The girls screeching annoyingly,  “Stop pushing in!” always hurts my ears as I walk by. I feel the squishy round handball fall into my palm as I skim it as quick as possible. My mission to aim at others and protect my territory. I’m King at last but as soon as I think I'm winning, I get skimmed out without noticing. I taste defeat at first but the stronger taste is that of victory, as I know I left the court as King.
Today we used the 5 senses to create a story of what happens during lunchtimes. In my story I talked about handball and the loud noises that goes on during that time. We all had 2 minutes write a sentence for each of the 5 senses, I found this hard because I couldn't think of any powerful words to put in my story, but at the end I still had fun and fixed up my mistakes.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Yesterday we created a flexitangle with A3 paper. When we finished colouring we had to cross and score it with scissors and a ruler to make it straight. Lastly we glued the edges and had to fold it to make it look like this picture. After I was done it came out looking like this, even though it was very difficult I had lots of fun doing the process. I have learnt to draw designs bigger to make the colouring part easier and next time when we do a hexiflexigon I need to take my time and do not rush. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Fosbury Flip

Today I have created a DLO about a famous quote and a famous person who made history. Dick Fosbury was famous for his inspiring quote and Fosbury flip that he created to win the gold medal in high jump.

A or An

In writing we learnt about A and an and how we use it in a story or sentences. These are my examples for a and an . I have learnt that we use an before words starting with vowels or with a silent h eg: It has been an hour since a slept.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Foot Loose

Today we managed to remember our dance from yesterday. In our dance we used rewindable learning. Rewindable learning is when we can go back and watch our video. We also rewinded our learning and practised again and again we collaborated and remembered all the moves we also performed in front the class and I think we were a bit nervous but very excited. Thank you to Zoe for showing us how to do the dance. 

A or An

Today we were learning to use a and when to use an before a word. If a word begins with a vowel (a e i o u) or a silent h (eg-hour), we use an. I found this fun because I had fun playing with the images and learnt different things today.

Monday, 7 August 2017


Siblings like mine are curious and very annoying they always want to see what your doing and always tell on you if you are doing something or broke something special. I only have older sisters but younger cousins sometimes they cry very loud and your ears start to tingle.
49 words in 1 minute
They always smell especially babies when they wear nappies, it's so disgusting changing their nappies I can’t believe they can stand the smell it's so horrifying but babies are cute. Babies have very smooth skin and they are cuddly. When the try to walk it like a turtle stuck on its back but one day they learn how to walk and even run maybe one day punch. Older sisters like mine are always up to mischief.

83 words in 2 minutes

Our challenge today was to write our ideas clearly so that they make sense. We had only 4 minutes to do this in, and 1 minute to check our writing. Our task was called 2 words 1 minute we had to choose one of the words then power write for one minute, count our words carry on for 2 more minutes, count our words, then finish with 1 more minute. It was exciting and challenging for ourselves and I enjoyed it .

Dad meets the Martians

Friday, 4 August 2017

Learning journey prizes

During the winter holidays we worked on the winter learning journey challenge. In the challenge we explored the different activities and places at city's in New Zealand. Today in assembly we got exciting prizes and there was a impressive number of people who did the winter learning journey through out the weekend. Congratulations to Oh sen and Daniel for posting over 500 comments and won 1st place prizes and the 2nd, 3rd , 4th, 5th and 6th! Prize winners. I also would like to give a big thank you to Rachael for providing the exciting activities for us during the winter holidays.    

Cooking tech

Today we went to tech at Tamaki College. For tech our group is doing cooking and in 2 weeks we are changing. Today we made scones with bacon, cheese, eggs and milk San kyaw and I collaborated a manage to made 15 scones at the end I shared with my friends and it tasted delicous. 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Let me tell you some thing about

Let me tell you something about lunchtimes at PBS. Seconds before the bell rings everybody gets excited waiting for the loud sound to hit their ears. As soon as the bell rings everybody rushes like a herd of bison going through a small door. When we get outside I dig my through the bags to find my lunch, it looks almost curved like a colourful basketball made out of clay. While we are eating we wait for somebody to walk down the stairs with a handball. As soon as we see the little round ball we react in excitement and start running down the stairs screaming like a bunch of little girls in a concert. We mark our square in the handball grid making people howl in anger because they got out and taunt in happiness when they skim somebody out. The juniors run down the concrete hill screeching endlessly like a bunch of annoying bees stinging you everytime you look at them. On the field the senior boys are playing rugby scoring tries and running down the field back and forth like a ninja people jumping and flying through the air. They don’t seem to notice some boys on the ground in pain. All this happens while the teachers are in the staffroom resting and watching us like a hawk from distances away. Even though sometimes we are in mischief lunchtimes are always fun.

Today in Writing we have talked about lunchtimes in PBS and what happens at during this time. One of the important things that I did in my writing was to make sure I used powerful words and language features to hook in the readers. I suggested what my buddy had to delete and add to help him make sure his writing made sense. Next time in my writing I need to proofread carefully and slowly.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


  1. 85 people from PBS went to a Warriors game. ⅕ of them got to meet the players. How many people didn’t get to meet the warriors?  
  1. In Thailand there were 80  boats parked along the shores ¼ of them sailed away to find fish. How many of them stayed?
  1. 24 students went to the shop and ¼ came back to school. How many people stayed at the shop.

  1. 45 people went and played handball. ⅕ of them went to have something to eat. How many of them are left playing handball?

  1. 28 People from PBS were given a piece of pizza. 1/7 did not eat any. How many people did not eat any pizza?

  1. 36 people went to the NBA finals. ¼ did not get picked to play in the finals. How many people went to the NBA finals?

  1. Freeman had 300 pens he had to share ½. How many does he have know?

  1. Affonso had 18 pieces of pizza. He had to share with 7/9 of his pizza with others. How many pieces does he have left?

  1. They are 500 apples Josh had to pick 2/4 of the apples off the trees. How many are still on the trees?

  1. P.B.S got 1000 bananas they had to share 4/8 with other schools. How many do they have now?
Today our group collaborated to create some fraction word problems for our friends to solve. It helped us think about the strategies we use for finding fractions of whole numbers, and it will help them practise their strategies when they find the answers.