Friday, 31 March 2017

Wood Work - Tech

Every Friday we go to Tamaki College School and do tech. This term at Tech I'm doing wood work with
Mr.Grundy. At Tech I'm excited to do cooking because I want to maybe discover new foods and maybe learn how to cook at the same time.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Futsal and Tennis - Riverside Courts

This is my DLO about going to the riverside tennis courts. We decided to play there because we wanted to know how a futsal and tennis court pitch feels like. First I played Futsal then moved to tennis this was fun because I scored 1 goal for team black.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Camp - Kokako Lodge 2017

Today my activity group made a collage for fun at camp. We included some people in our group we did pictures for nearly every activity at camp like making Milo, Chariot racing, Our class photo, pools, lunch, and archery.

Kokako Bird

Mataio, Ofa and I created this and we showed how much the kokako weighs, their habitat, their family, their predators and what they eat. We cooperated and managed to fit everything in.

Photo Story - Camp

This photo story explains what fun activities we did each year. On day 1 it shows Ms Kirkpatrick and Mrs Anderson in the bus coming to Kokako Lodge and Hunua Falls. In  that day we made Milo and also ate Lasagna for dinner.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Green Arrow

As I picked up the arrow with the bow I gently placed the arrow under the knot. I remembered the 2 F’s which were fingers and face I pulled my right hand towards my face.

When I pulled my right hand against my face I placed my index finger on top of the knot and my middle finger  under.  My right hand quivered as it rested against my face.

  Next I was ready to fulfil the last 'F' which was fire. I slowly released my finger and the arrow flew into the air and directly nipped the balloon.

Suddenly I heard the balloon pop and in shock my heart was pounding. I didn't know the arrow would hit it. I thought it was my skills, but Mataio thought it was luck.

This is my recount of my 5 favourite minutes of camp.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Aucklanders being asked to conserve water

In inquiry we created a DLO about why people around Auckland are bring asked to
conserve water. We created this DLO to help people understand an important
message and also to save water. Aucklanders can help by saving 20 litres of water
for each person everyday. Conserve means saving or using a very little amount
of something. This means we have to save and use a little amount of water.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Why my blog is unique - Explanation

Screenshot 2017-03-08 at 11.51.07.png

A blog is an incredible place where people around the world see and comment on your learning. My blog is unique because it has my thinking and ideas, and it is non-identical to other blogs. Did you know that not all blogs have the same features?

My blog is special because it displays all my learning from 2014 when it came alive. During those years I shared my work 310 times with a global audience. That means I have shared my work 310 times with the world! Around 9,500 people have seen my blog since the day it was born.
Each blog post has 3 main parts to it. A title,  a blurb and labels. My title tells people what my post is about. This is important because when the social media sees it they’ll understand what you did. The blurb is a short summary that tells what I have been learning. This is important because it helps my audience understand what I was learning. I label each post so that my work is easy to find. For example if I post a poem I label the poem in my writing folder.

There is a comments section under each post. The comments help you to connect with other people and their blogs. You use the comments sections to give feedback and feedforward. That means you find out what people liked about your work and sometimes they give you ideas to work on. If I reply we can have a learning conversation. That’s better than writing in a book that only your teacher can see.

My blog is original because it has a timeline of my learning since I was in year four. The best part is that you can't throw your blog away but you can throw your books away.
In Writing we learnt about explanation writing we have been learning about explanations since the past 2 weeks. Fraidoon, Miki and I worked with each other and collaborated to write this. This explanation is about Why our blogs is unique. In a explanation there are 4 mains parts which are Title, Introduction, POIPIO (paragraphs of interesting points in oreder), and conclusion.

Wood Work - Tech

Today we went teck and split into our tech groups. At tech Im with Mr Grundy doing Wood Work. We learn new techniques every Fridays. I am finished my picture drawing and my hand sketches I also finished my measurements and now im sawing. Today I just finished my sawing and now I have to make a joint. Were also using a new tool shaped like a hammer but made out of wood this object is called a Marking Gauge.  

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Omaru River

In Inquiry we are learning about ecosystems. Mataio and I created a DLO about the positive things that the water care and Mad Ave have done. We also wrote what bad things we have been doing. These pictures show the Omaru River and 2 volunteers clean and planting trees at Omaru River.  We need to stop littering because you can crate a blockage and turn Omaru River into stagnant water.