Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Camels Explanation

How the camel has adapted to surviving in the desert
Have you ever thought about how or why Camels live in the Desserts. Camels can live in the Desserts because they are adapted to living in a hot and dry place. A Camel is a mammal with long legs, thick lips, and a humped back. Adapt is to make changes for a purpose to survive and live in hot & dry place for a camel
Camels have pads on their feet and chest to help them walk and lay on the hot sand, They also have webbed feet to walk on the sand much easier.

Camels have long thick eyelashes to protect them from getting sand or dust getting into their eyes. They have double layers to secure their eyes even more to keep them safe.

Camels have thick lips to eat twigs, bones and thorns. This lets them eat cactus for water without feeling any pain.

Even though camels aren’t the fastest animal they can help us get through the desert and carry your essentials.

Did you know? Camels can run up to 40 mph

Today for writing we have been learning about how to write an explanation. We decided to write an explanation about how the camel has adapted to their environment. I have learnt an interesting fact about camels, I found out that camels can run up to 40 mph so if your in a rush and stuck in the dessert don't look further and look for a camel.

Monday, 16 October 2017


Today I chose to play Nim in this game I had to use my mind a lot because It was a strategy game. This game was really challenging because it go harder by the level. I recommend this game to students enjoy solving problems and good at strategies. I rate this game a 10/8 because was fun but really easy for me.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Kelly Tarltons - Bonus Activity

For this Bonus activity our challenge was to write down all the prices for Kelly Tarltons. Me by my self will cost $22 and going with my whole family will cost $105. Family A pass is for families that have less members in their family and is cheaper by $31. Family B pass which is my family cost $105 which is $31 more then family pass A.

Kelly Tarltons - Activity 2

Dasyatis brevicaudata schnapper.jpg
Diet: Invertebrates and bony fishes
Habitat: Southern Hemisphere, South Africa and Mozambique
Appearance: Heavily Built, Characteristically smooth, rhomboid shape
Class: Chondrichthyes

Kelly Tarltons - Activity 1

Going to Kelly Tarltons will cost $22 for me by my self. I will save up to $5, going with my family will cost $105 and we'll save $27. Adults 16+ are from $32 saving up to $7 and if your under the age of 3 you are free. In total with by my self and going with my family is 127.

Sky tower - Bonus Activity

Adults wanting to try out sky walk will have to pay $150. If your a student or a backpacker with ID it will be cheaper then adults by $20. Kids 10 - 15 will be the cheapest at $120 and a family pack with 2 adults & 2 children will be $420.
.Image result for sky walk auckland
I have chose sky walk instead of bungy jump because I will never do that in my life. It is also really scary for because heights is my worst fear. I decided to do sky walk because that will be the only thing to conquer my fear. This event is more safer and cheaper then sky tower.

Sky tower - Activity 2

Image result for kiwi animal clipart
I have chosen a kiwi to be the Sky towers New Mascot. I have chosen the kiwi because it is New Zealand's native animal and represents us very well. I have also learnt an amazing facts about kiwis, female kiwis lay eggs then nearly any other animal!.