Friday, 30 November 2018

Tech Reflection

Today was our last tech session for the year. Today we were trying to finish our so that we can take it home for the year and show it to our family. Unfortunately I did not finish my project, but happy with the outcome of my design. We worked hard this year during tech and had a fun year with Tamaki College. Coming to the end of the year the year 8's is going to leave to their secondary school sadly meaning they will not be able to come tech next year. New year and new journey for the other students who are going to continue the Panmure Bridge tradition and going to tech every Fridays. Luckily for Tamaki college they will receive some students from our school. We had fun this year and will have even more fun going on to our secondary school.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Athletics Day

Today was athletics day, We were spilt into different coloured teams and played activities involving us being active. I was in team green. The first station we started at was called Frisbee. The aim of the game was to throw the Frisbee's into the lacrosse net. We started with 5 minutes to throw as much Frisbee's as we can into the net to win the game. Not 2 minutes into the game my team already threw all of the Frisbee's into the net meaning that our team gained the most points to win the game. We had fun playing the 9 other activities including having a rest and listening to music. My favourite was the sponge relay. The aim of the activity was to go through the obstacles with your sponge, absorb as much liquid into the sponge and go back through the obstacles to squeeze as much water into your team bucket as possible. Lastly we had the sprint finals for the people who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd a few weeks ago. We would like to thank Mr Ogalvie for organising this fun event and picking the right day for this event to be held in this fantastic weather.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Reading - Read Theory Results

Today for Reading we looked back at our results on read theory. We looked at our past results and compared it to other results month by month. We all created a bar graph to show and tell other people our results and the difference there is from when we started and now. Last year February I started on Grade 3 which was really easy. Now on November 2018 I am on grade 8 which means that I have expanded my knowledge by 5 grades.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Reading - Wolves

Today the teacher read to us a book written and illustrated by Emily Gravett. The book was about Wolves and the life that they live. After the teach read the book to us we had to write what we think about wolves then later research it to see if any of our answer were true. We found out that two of our answers were correct which was that wolves eat humans and that they hunt in packs. We had fun learning about Wolves and learnt that they are the largest members of the dog family.

Reading - MeerKats

Today the teacher read to us a book written and illustrated by Emily Gravett. The book was about MeerKats and the life that they live. By listening to the story we took information from there and made a blog post about MeerKats. We have learnt a lot about MeerKats including where they live and what they like to eat. They like to eat snakes and eggs, but they prefer scorpions because their nice and crunchy. They are cute and friendly animals that almost nobody know about. The next blog post is going to be about wolves and we're going to do the same thing that we did with this blog post, listening to the story and creating a blog post about them.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice - Commemoration

Today we had our own special commemoration to remember the soldiers and the great war. A member of the defence force came to show his respect and to answer our questions we had for him. During our commemoration each of the classes had their own poppy with all the pupils names in the class written on it. After that a song was played to pull the New Zealand flag down then raise it back up again. Then we all sang the New Zealand Nation Anthem and left to our classes. The member of the defence force came into our classroom and was free to answer any questions we had about him or the defence force. He explained to us the different army jobs you can do and what he did to get there. We learnt that an infantry is soldiers who stand their grown and fight the enemies and artillery are people who are at the back line firing over the infantry into the enemy territory eliminating them. We all enjoyed learning about World War 1 and the member of the defence force and hope that one of our students one day achieve there goal of being in the army. On Sunday at 11'o clock It will officially be 100 years since the great war ended.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Armistice Collage

Today we remembered the people who died in world war 1 and created a collage about when world war 1 ended. These photos show people and the soldiers celebrating when the war ended. We added photos of the newspapers that came out when the war ended. We learnt that 135 countries participated in the world war and over 500,000 unknown soldiers fell.