Thursday, 5 July 2018

ASB - Get Wise

Today a visitor from Get Wise ASB came to our school to teach us about savings and how it can impact your life. He talked about saving on the weekdays and spending a certain amount on the weekends. We also played a fun game involving the skills he told us and having something called a budget. We learnt that a budget is an certain amount your allowed to spend. Lastly we played a interesting and fun game, The budget was 1,800 you had to spend it wisely and not spend it over the budget. The bigger things you buy the more entertainment points you gained. We won with 35 point, but spent the exact amount of the budget. We had fun and learn a a lot, but we also learnt a value from this session it was to save some, spend some and share some.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki - Information Brochure

Today for Matariki we worked collaboratively with LS1 to learn about Matariki and to share our knowledge. We have created an Information Brochure with what we know about Matariki and the 7 stars. We added a picture of the 7 stars and Maori traditional foods such as boil up. We learnt that in the olden days they used the Matariki 7 stars in the sky to guide them through the pacific. We enjoyed learning about Matariki and are looking forward to learn more about the stars.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

M&M's Presentation

Last week Mrs Anderson and Ms Kirkpatrick left to America for work. We learnt about the history of M&M's and found out many there are in a packet. We made Pie Graphs to see the percentages of the colours in our M&M packet and Bar Graph to see which colour had the most. Orange was the most and Green was the rarest colour. We all enjoyed learning about M&M's and eating them. My group especially liked watching funny advertisements.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Tech - Pewter casting

Today at tech we finishing of our workbook that had the designs and people we were thinking of giving it to. I have made my choice of who to give it to and decided to pick my mum. The design I picked to give to her was a heart. We are now tracing our design onto a piece of wood to cut it out using a special type of machine. After cutting our design out of the wood we put a same size wood one on each side to hold the wood for after they pour the melted medal in. Next week hopefully I will be up to putting the string into the piece of medal to finally finish my design. It is the second week of our tech session and surprised that we are nearly finished. I am looking forward to next week to finish my design and to give it to my mum. 

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Dialogue - Fake Phone texting

Today we used dialogue to hook in the reader and to practice using our punctuation in conversations. We went on a site to make the messages look like people texting on an Iphone. We thought about the character's names and what they're going to talk about. My characters are Billy and James who enjoys playing my favorite game Fortnite. I have enjoyed  learning about dialogue and is eager to put something like this in my narrative.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Body Systems - Parts of your body

This activity shows me assembling the bones to the right part of the body. We have been learning about the 13 different body systems and what their jobs are. To test our learning we gave our self a challenge to try place the right bones in the right place. I successfully put it in the right place with only 28 attempts. I found this challenge fun and think this was a good exercise to expand our knowledge about the human body. Next time my goal is to try put it in the right place without making any mistakes.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Maths Body Measurment

Carl and I created a google slide about our body measurements. We found out that our arm span is the same as our height and our chin to hairline is the same as our foot. We were surprised with the results and the outcome. We found this experiment shocking and interesting.