Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Maths Body Measurment

Carl and I created a google slide about our body measurements. We found out that our arm span is the same as our height and our chin to hairline is the same as our foot. We were surprised with the results and the outcome. We found this experiment shocking and interesting.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Kiwi Can - Reflection

Today at Kiwi Can our theme was integrity and our topic was about making the right choices. We also talked about consequences and what it means. We learnt about different situation of making the wrong choices and the consequence you face. Our energiser was called Clap, We had to clap every time he put his finger on his palm. Some of us were confused or tricked and some of us found it easy, We soon got the hang of it and I was able to be the last one standing. After our energiser we discussed why it was good to make the right choices. I have learnt that the choices you make can affect your future. After that we got into another game called Hand soccer. This game was like soccer but we had to use our hands and work together to try and score a goal..

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Maths - Problem Solving using a mix of operations.

Today we solved a maths question using our timetables, subtraction and addition. We found this challenging because we only knew the age of Richard. When we finished solving this problem we had our own answers compared to everyone else. 

Friday, 4 May 2018

The Creation of people

Today we created a story board that based on the creation of people in the Maori culture. We worked in a group of 3's to work collaboratively and to finish our work. We created the story by using pictures and words to hook in the reader with a lot of detailed information.

The Unfinished Drink

For the past 3 days we learnt about the unfinished drink. This was a poem about a man named Private ted who served in the war. We read the poem through 3 times and we felt sad, but happy. We were sad the he died in the war and didn't get to finish his drink, but happy that they did not sell it or break it like he said. I worked collaboratively with Joshua and decided to put a picture of the drink and where he died. Did you know every year on Anzac they put poppies around the drink.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Shaun Tan - Memorials

This week we are reading a sophisticated picture book called Memorial by Shaun Tan. We created a presentation with the definition of peritext, sophisticated and a quote by Shaun Tan. I have enjoyed reading and learning about the different characters and colours in the story. San kyaw and I have created this family tree to introduce the character and to show why war they served in.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Maori Battalion

For the past 2 days we have been learning about the Maori Battalion. We read a text that I found very interesting and brave. In the text the Maori fought alongside the Britain but didn't treat each other the same. Even though they were forced to work together they still got along and encouraged each other by doing a powerful haka on a mountain. We created a summary and asked your partner questions to write feedback and to see if we understood or listening to the story. I found this story fascinating and learned a lot about the Maori Battalion. Did you know that they had pigeons to send messages?.