Thursday, 14 April 2016

Mentos and Soda experiment By Freeman and Koloa

In LS1 we did a Mentos and Soda experiment we were trying to get more bubbles.
I learnt if you cut mentos into more pieces you get more bubbles.

Recount Elephant toothpaste

On Wednesday Mrs Kiri Kirkpatrick’s friends came to Panmure Bridge School to teach us about elephant toothpaste.LS1 and room 5 went together when we got outside we saw two ladies.There was a cylinder measuring cup and there was also chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide,Detergent Potassium Iodide. They first poured Hydrogen Peroxide into the Cylinder till 100 mls and then they squeezed the detergent.Finally they counted down then they added the Potassium iodide it dissolved into orange and then it slowly rises then suddenly it bursts into Orange,white and yellow.

Then they tried it again but by using a bottle they poured the Hydrogen Peroxide first then squeezed detergent finally the added Potassium Iodide and it slowly rised as well but suddenly it squirting every where and it was longer then it stopped and that was the end of the session the we went to class.   

Making Butter

The year 6 in LS1 made butter by using double cream.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Popping candy expermient

This is my popping candy experiment.I learnt that if you put popping candy into
cooking oil it will have a slow reaction but if you put popping candy into coca cola
you will have a fast reaction.

Fraidoon and Freeman's Statistical Investigation LS1 blog posts.

Fraidoon and I did a Statistical Investigation on LS1 blog posts.We learnt how many blog post the students in LS1 has.Next time we will aim to get more blog posts in 2016.

Research Elephant Toothpaste.

This our research about elephant toothpaste.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Statistical Investigation

In LS1 we did a statistical investigation on LS1 cultures.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Maths Data Investigation

In LS1 we made a maths data investigation about how many people in their families.

My Writting

One day there was a Blackout Sam, Aung Naing and Me were bored so we wanted to play games and watch TV but they forgot there was no power because their was a blackout.So they lit up candles and put it everywhere in the house.Sam wanted to play Charlie,Charlie but me and Aung Naing didnt wanted to play so me and Sam played in the room we put a pencil on a another pencil and put it on a papper and write on the papper yes and no you have to say charlie charlie are you here and see where the oenicl pointed when we did it and it did’nt work so we got bored then suddenly when we got bored and we saw Aung Naing the power turned back on because they noticed outside the window and lights in the road was on then they watched tv played games and charged their phones.

Maths Data Investigation

In LS1 we made a maths data investigation of how many players in games.

Friday, 1 April 2016

My Easter Holiday

In the Easter Holidays I went to Koloa’s House and played BO2.We did a 1v1 and he spawn trapped me he had Balista and I had Mtar it was a tie then he did a comeback at the end we both had 29-29 he trickshot me and he won and I asked him to show me how to spawn trap and trick shot we spended all day and I finally learned how to Spawn trap and trick shot and then after we 2v2 his cousin me and Koloa vs Wolf traks and wolf diddle we they had Balista and me Koloa had DSR50 Koloa spawn trapped Wolf diddle I spawn trapped wolf traks then we won by 4 points then our final game was a 4v4 it was a search and destroy we had to stand on the roof if you died you have to wait till the next round koloa did 1 shot and that kill was a double kill and we won.Then I went back Home and went to sleep.

My Easter Holidays

My Xtramath

Easter Origins

Easter Poem

Procedure Making Easter Eggs