Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Agent of Change 25 word Summary

In Inquiry we learnt what a agent of change is we had to come up
with ideas and write a good 25 word summary Ofa and I used 
punctuations this is me and Ofa's summary. 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Wood Work - Tech

Every Friday we go Tech at Tamaki College we have alot of subjects I'm in wood work with
Mr.Grundy. We have so much fun out of my choices of objects. My choice was a helicopter

Agent of change

This is our DLO that Mataio, Fraiddon and I made. This is a DLO about how to
be a agent of change and what is a agent of change. This is important because
if people were still pouring poop and wees the marine life will die and
the ocean will be polluted. But the person who changed that is called a agent
of change.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

What is a River?

In Inquiry we learnt what was a river. This photo is showing the Tamaki River.
Theres the mouth, Estuarial arm and meander. We wrote a Explanation about
Rivers just by using 25 words but me and Jericho used 26 words. I found this
a little bit easy because we watched a video that was explaining what a river is
this was fun and easy as well.

E-ako Maths

I played e-ako maths.I worked on my plave values i also
learnt te reo maori I had to order the numbers in maori and
find the right number pair for it. I found this hard because 
I did'nt know maori.

Monday, 20 February 2017


On Thursday we played Futsal in the hall. Our instructor Martin teaches Futsal near Marist at the Tamaki River. He comes from Argentina but he speaks Spanish we had fun and tried our best.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Tech Wood work

Today was the first day of tech for this year and the year 7's I did wood work with Fatongia
our instructor was Mr Grundy we had to wear closed shoes because it was dangerous in there with the tools.

Water Cycle

This is my water cycle. There are 4 important names for this water cycle. The 4 specific important names are condensation, Precipitation, collection and Evaporation

Water Care

Today we learned about water care. We did a river challenge we were split into 3 groups my group was raindrop we won 1 challenge and lost 2 we had fun learning about water and how to keep it safe.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

P.B.S C.A.R.E Values

Today LS2 was learning about the Panmure Bridge School C.A.R.E Values. The values
are Confidence, Attitude, Respect and Excellence & Innovation. We took photos in a group of
us demonstrating of how to show these Values. In our first picture we are showing an example
of us sharing our ideas for Confidence. In our second photo we are participating in all
opportunities for Attitude. In our third photo we are showing respect by taking care of our Enviroment. In our last photo we are showing Excellence and Innovation by challenging ourselves
and thinking about our learning.It helps us lead by example and to be a role model to younger students.