Saturday, 8 July 2017

Day 3 - Activity 1

Activity 1: Curious Kiwi, a native New Zealand bird, is your tour guide for today. He is going to take you to visit the Otorohanga Kiwi House and Native Bird Park where many of his aunties and uncles currently live. The bird park is a five hour drive from Dargaville so you hit the road right after breakfast and arrive in Otorohanga at lunch time. As you walk through the birdhouse you learn about the work being done to conserve and protect the native birds of New Zealand. You decide to help out by ‘adopting’ a native animal. Visit the Adopt a Critter page’ on the Otorohanga bird house website to choose one animal to adopt. On your blog, tell us the name of the animal that you chose and a little bit about them. What kind of animal are they? What do they eat? Where do they normally live? You can use Google to help you with your research.

Kingdom: Animalia

                                       Class: Reptilia

                                       Family: Sphenodontidae 

                        Appearance: Greenish, brown and grey   

Sphenodon punctatus in Waikanae, New Zealand.jpg

                               Habitat: Offshore islands of New Zealand

                                   Diet: Lizards, frogs and sea birds

Tuatara is a lizard-like reptile that belongs to the group of beak-headed reptiles. All members of this group, except two species of Tuatara, went extinct 60 millions years ago. 


  1. Hi Freeman
    Great bunch of facts about the Tuatara! How did the other species of Tuatara go extinct? Were they eaten by other animals? Keep up the amazing winter learning journey activities.

  2. Kia Ora Freeman you have some really awesome fact. I didn't know that Tuatara's eat frogs and sea birds. Really interesting. I have learnt something new about Tuatara's. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hi Freeman. I really like the facts you have included about the Tuatara. I also like how you have added an image of it, to go with your blogpost. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hey Freeman!

    Nice work - I can see you have done some good research and found some interesting facts about the Tuatara. I would adopt a Tuatara too! What would you call yours?

    Nicky :)

  5. Hello Freeman, I like how you have added an image of a Tuatara in your blog post. You have found some very interesting facts about the Tuatara. How did the other species become extinct? Great job and well done.