Saturday, 8 July 2017

Day 4 - Bonus 10 points

Bonus Activity: Hector’s dolphins are a very special native animal found only in New Zealand. They are the smallest dolphin in the world measuring 1.5 metres long and they are quite rare. Sadly, many Hector’s dolphins are killed every year when they get caught in large fishing nets and can’t escape. Some people have argued that fishermen shouldn’t be allowed to fish in Farewell Spit in order to protect the dolphins living there. What do you think? On your blog, tell us whether you think that fishing in Farewell Spit should be banned (stopped).

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Hectors dolphin trapped.jpgYes, I think fishing in farewell spit should be banned because hector is part of our land and culture and to kill them with fish nets is a horrible death. Fisher mans should well be banned from farewell spit and to never fish or net there ever again for the hectors safety. I want to be able to tell other people that the smallest dolphin (The Hector) is well being looked after and still healthy and safe.


  1. Hi Freeman
    I completely agree with you. Fishing in Farewell Spit should be banned because the Hectors dolphins are only found in New Zealand waters and they are rare enough. People can go and fish in another place. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Freeman
    I agree with you too that fishing in Farewell Spit should be banned because they might get extinct. I think the fishermen should go and fish somewhere else because there's a lot of places to fish. Keep up the stunning work!

  3. Hi Freeman. I agree with you people should be banned from fishing at Farewell Spit. They could become extinct, because they can only be found in New Zealand. Keep up the great work.

  4. Kia Ora Freeman!

    I love the last point that you make about wanting to tell people that the Hector Dolphin is being well looked after and is healthy and safe. It would be nice to know that they are and this is one of they ways we can help ensure that they will be!

    Nice work Freeman!


  5. Hello Freeman, I agree with you one hundred percent. Fishermen should be banned fishing there. It is really sad how the poor Hector's Dolphins are dying there. Great job freeman.