Friday, 10 March 2017

Why my blog is unique - Explanation

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A blog is an incredible place where people around the world see and comment on your learning. My blog is unique because it has my thinking and ideas, and it is non-identical to other blogs. Did you know that not all blogs have the same features?

My blog is special because it displays all my learning from 2014 when it came alive. During those years I shared my work 310 times with a global audience. That means I have shared my work 310 times with the world! Around 9,500 people have seen my blog since the day it was born.
Each blog post has 3 main parts to it. A title,  a blurb and labels. My title tells people what my post is about. This is important because when the social media sees it they’ll understand what you did. The blurb is a short summary that tells what I have been learning. This is important because it helps my audience understand what I was learning. I label each post so that my work is easy to find. For example if I post a poem I label the poem in my writing folder.

There is a comments section under each post. The comments help you to connect with other people and their blogs. You use the comments sections to give feedback and feedforward. That means you find out what people liked about your work and sometimes they give you ideas to work on. If I reply we can have a learning conversation. That’s better than writing in a book that only your teacher can see.

My blog is original because it has a timeline of my learning since I was in year four. The best part is that you can't throw your blog away but you can throw your books away.
In Writing we learnt about explanation writing we have been learning about explanations since the past 2 weeks. Fraidoon, Miki and I worked with each other and collaborated to write this. This explanation is about Why our blogs is unique. In a explanation there are 4 mains parts which are Title, Introduction, POIPIO (paragraphs of interesting points in oreder), and conclusion.

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