Thursday, 12 October 2017

Kelly Tarltons - Bonus Activity

For this Bonus activity our challenge was to write down all the prices for Kelly Tarltons. Me by my self will cost $22 and going with my whole family will cost $105. Family A pass is for families that have less members in their family and is cheaper by $31. Family B pass which is my family cost $105 which is $31 more then family pass A.


  1. Hello Freeman, I really like how you have added an image to go with your information. That is quite expensive if you wanted to go there with your family. You are doing an awesome job so keep on working hard.

  2. Hi Freeman
    Great job on completing all of the day three activities for day three. I like how you added your information onto a DLO. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Freeman. Great job on completing this activity. I like how you have included all the prices. If you have time you could add in all the opening times. Keep up the brilliant work.

  4. Hi Freeman

    Well done for taking part in our holiday blogging challenge. I agree with all the comments above and also think adding an image of the place would help people who don't know what Kelly Tarlton's is understand it is an aquarium. You have included a lot of useful information but it might be a good idea to separate each fact next time to make it clear to the reader.
    Mrs A